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A New Year, a New Look (and a Bonus!)

Well, it’s 2018 folks. Another full revolution around that giant nuclear fireball in the sky. Which means…a full refresh of the Pygmy Nuthatch website!

Besides improved navigation, some new info about me, and a list of resources that will help you in your free agent career, what I’m really stoked to tell you about is…

The One Year Life Summary

This brand new planning tool that my wife Rosemary and I developed will help you achieve fabulous success in 2018. It’s simple (only one page!) but very effective. The best part is, I’m providing it to you at no cost! Check out the link above to get started. I think you’ll love it.

However you plan out your new year (and you should), I hope it brings you happiness, prosperity, and a deeper sense of connection to the people close to you.