Pygmy Nuthatch

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Vlogging about Portland, the Free Agent Lifestyle, and More

Video has always been a deeply fascinating medium of communication for me, but my attempts to master it over the years have been haphazard at best.

Last year I tried vlogging a bit on another YouTube channel centered around my electronic music making, but the concept never really solidified—and then I ended up doing the digital nomad thing and eventually moved to a different state, and that threw all my plans out the window.

But I’m vlogging once again with renewed enthusiasm; this time under the auspices of Pygmy Nuthatch. Like so many vloggers, the pioneering work of Casey Neistat has had a big influence on me, but I’m also approaching this style from the standpoint of a musician, so a big part of the process is playing around with timing and emotional mood.

I also love seeing travel videos from other parts of the world, and as I’m now living in Portland, Oregon, I want to capture the heart and soul of this beautiful area and share that with others.

I’ve put out two episodes so far. For more to come, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Enjoy!