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Typography Updates!

The one problem with being a web designer and a blogger is the temptation to continually be tweaking how things look. Well, I gave in to that temptation today and updated the typography here on Pygmy Nuthatch. I have some larger design changes in mind, but these days I always start out a design project with a look at the typography first. And when I found some new typefaces I just loved, I just couldn’t resist updating the site now rather than wait for bigger design changes to come.

The body font I’m using now is Le Monde Livre, designed by Jean François Porchez of Typofonderie. I like the slightly chunky feel of the serif letters which blend well with the new heading font—Apoka by The Northern Block.

I’ll miss my uppercase bold italic headings of the previous design, but overall I’m quite pleased with the changes. I hope you like them too!