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Bad Habits Break Legacies

Like many of you, I’ve been following the news of Harvey Weinstein and his disturbing pattern of sexual abuse that spans decades. I’m heartbroken over what women have to go through in institutional cultures where sexism and harassment are tolerated and even covered up.

Weinstein was a powerful player in Hollywood and helped launch the career of many actors and actresses. If his crimes hadn’t come to light, his legacy would be secure. But because he had this nasty habit of, oh y’know, assaulting and harassing women, his legacy will now be that of a despised, dirty old man.

Bad Habits Break Legacies.

What bad habits do you need to eliminate in your life? I certainly hope none of us are committing crimes or abusing others, but even “minor” bad habits can still cause train wrecks over time in our careers and callings. Do you have a habit of ending freelance projects on a sour note with your clients? (I was guilty of that for a time.) Do you have a habit of staying so focused on your day-to-day tasks that you’re not spending time to plan your business’ future? (Been there, done that!) Do you have a habit of saying Yes! to any opportunity that comes your way, instead of determining which opportunities align with your overall vision and life goals? (Oops!)

It’s so easy to point the finger at a “bad guy” and say “Gosh, I’m sure glad I don’t act like that creep!” But one way or another, each one of us is our own worst enemy. On a good day, we make choices that benefit others and build a strong foundation for our future. On a bad day, we make selfish or myopic choices that only have the potential to sabotage our reputation and future success.

Good Habits Foster Strong Legacies.

What’s one bad habit you can transform into a good habit today?