Pygmy Nuthatch

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So Why Pygmy Nuthatch?

It all goes back to a story from my youth. One day long ago, at the tender age of young whippersnapper, I opened up my bedroom window and heard the strangest sounds coming from a nearby tree. There was a high staccato tweet, then a pause, then another tweet, then another, in increasingly rapid succession, followed immediately by a raspy response from a nearby bird in a much lower tone. This strange trilling and chirping went on, and on, for many days throughout the springtime of my youth.

Years later, when I became a man, I continued to notice that strange bird call, and thus I conducted my online research and discovered that the bird in question was none other than…the California Towhee. (to hear its distinctive sound, listen to “Songs #2” here) Aha! I said to myself. I have discovered the mysterious bird that haunted my youth! I shall name my blog after it!

And then, like a dummy, I completely forgot which bird I had found, somehow ended up with the wrong page open in my web browser, and named my blog Pygmy Nuthatch instead. I have no idea what that bird is.

A metaphor for life perhaps? Or just a funny name for a blog about the latest iOS & Mac devices, living the free agent lifestyle, and talking about our feelings (like a good Millennial should)? You decide!