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By Jared White

Pygmy Nuthatch

Installing iOS 10 Public Beta

Taking a break from heavy-duty news headlines and on to something near and dear to my heart: prerelease OS software from Apple. 😋

Unlike some folks out there who simply live on their smartphones, I’m a Mac + iPad guy. I love my MacBook Pro and I truly love my iPad Pro, and I use both for my work, so those devices will be waiting until the fall to get on the bleeding edge. Meanwhile, I really only use my iPhone for messaging and surfing the web 90% of the time, so I’m cool with going out on a limb with it. I don’t really care if some game crashes or I can’t access a photo from 2012.

Assuming all goes well, I’ll post a mini-review of iOS 10 on the blog soon. Top feature I’m looking forward to? Probably the new-and-improved Siri, followed closely by a better Apple Music.