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Millennials and Work

I hear a lot of talk about millennials’ and their chronic dissatisfaction in the workplace. Well, as a millennial, I’m here to tell you that a big problem seems to be lack of qualified mentorship. It’s really, really difficult to find “old” people who are good business mentors. (At least it has been for me.)

I once talked with an older gentleman at the church I was attending, and shared that I was feeling frustrated with my work and the trajectory of my career at the time. His advice? Basically: “suck it up.” He said he worked at a job he hated for years when he was younger. And…that was the gist of the conversation. Bless his heart, he was only doing his best I’m sure.

I’ve had to go far afield and find “virtual” mentors like Michael Hyatt, James Altucher, Seth Godin, Jason Fried, Gary Vaynerchuk, and many others—through the media of podcasts, books, and YouTube videos. Why is it so hard to find real-life Hyatts or Altuchers? Could be just where I live, I suppose, but then I see article after article in the national news about the difficulties millennials face in finding rewarding career paths, and I realize I’m not alone.

If you are in your late 30’s or older and run a successful business of any kind, I heartily encourage you to find someone a little younger than you and offer to mentor them. I guarantee you they will LOVE the idea and your generosity, and together you will buck this cultural trend.