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Trellis Magazine: What is Minimalism?

In addition to blogging here at Pygmy Nuthatch, I also publish an online magazine called Trellis. Each monthly issue focuses on one or two topics that are thought-provoking and provide an in-depth look at cultural trends. It’s written from a Christian faith-based perspective, but also with a slant towards progressive voices and an intent to appeal to secular readers.

In the April issue, I’ve written about the increasingly mainstream “minimalism” movement and the way it’s come to provide a compelling counter-narrative to the typical consumerist American lifestyle.

Proponents of the minimalist lifestyle will throw out phrases like “live a more intentional life” or “keep only those things which spark joy” — but what does that even mean? Are we all living unintentional lives? Are we keeping things in our homes or offices that don’t bring us any joy?

Well, as I go on to explain, that’s actually what many of us are doing all the time.

The consumerist, mass-produced, disposable culture we live in is so pervasive, so all-encompassing, that we seldom take a pause and ask ourselves why we’ve bought into it so heavily. Minimalism begs us to start asking the right questions.

Minimalism is even creeping into the business world—James Altucher being one of the better-known examples. Of course, no discussion of business and minimalism is complete without mention of the ultimate minimalist-driven entrepreneur, a man who was way ahead of his time: Steve Jobs.

Link: What is Minimalism?